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There are three different ways to set up Fast Notion and Notion. "Easy Setup Mode," "Manual Setup Mode," and "Legacy Mode". The setting methods are explained for each. If there is no particular reason, we recommend using the "Easy Setting Mode" for configuration.

Easy setting mode (recommended)

This is the mode in which Fast Notion and Notion are connected by following the instructions.

1. Open the Easy Setup Mode screen and log in to Notion.

From the Fast Notion URL settings screen, tap the "Easy Settings Button". Safari will open, tap the "Authenticate with Notion" button, and log in to Notion.

URL setting screen

Easy setup screen (Safari)

Notion Login Screen

2. Select the page you want to connect and enter a value in Fast Notion.

After successfully logged in Notion, a list of pages will be displayed. Select the pages you wish to link with FastNotion (pages that Fast Notion is allowed to access). Tap the "Allow Access" button to return to the original screen and display the page ID and integration token. Paste the values displayed here into the Fast Notion screen, respectively.

Select pages to allow access

Page ID and integration token are displayed

Copy and paste within Fast Notion

3. Connection test

Tap the Test Connection button on the Fast Notion URL settings screen. The connection is successful when the success dialog is displayed. The text of the test submission from Fast Notion should be entered on the designated Notion page.

Manual setting mode

If you would like to set up your own ID and token, we recommend this setup method.

1. Obtain Notion Integration Token

First, access the and click on the New Integrations button on the left to create a new Integration.

*The Integration Token is required to link your Notion account with Fast Notion. Please be careful not to share this information with others, as it may be viewed if it is leaked to outside parties.

Notion Integration creation screen (with several integrations already created)

After the integration has been created, a token can be obtained from the Secrets section, and this value will become the Notion Integration Token.

How to get Integration Token

2. Create the page you want to post and grant Integration permission

After creating the Notion page to which the post will be submitted, authorize the Integration created in the above step (in the screenshot, an Integration for Fast Notion is added).

You can add integrations from "Connections" in the Notion page settings. Search for the integration you have just added and set it up. Please note that the specification was changed around October 2022, though you used to be able to add integrations from "Share".

3. Get the ID of the page you want to post

TEXT / TODO mode

Copy the link to the page you wish to submit.

Screenshot of how to get the link

The URL is in the form of a[ACCOUNT Name]/[PAGE Name]-[PAGE_ID(32-digit string)]. The 32-digit string at the end of this page is the PAGE ID, so only that part of the PAGE ID should be retrieved.

(e.g.) If the copied URL is , the PAGE ID will be 81d260a5e5d8473ab32458c7a1971f1e .

DB mode (Pro Plan only)

If DB mode is set, notes from Fast Notion will be stored in the database (this is a Pro Plan-only feature.) The ID is obtained in the same way for DB mode. First, copy the link to the database (table).

Copy database links (for full page databases, copy links from the top right button as in TEXT mode)

The URL is in the format[ACCOUNT Name]/[PAGE_ID (32-digit string)]?v=[VIEW_ID] . Extract the 32-digit string of PAGE_ID from this URL.

Please note that there are so many people who make mistakes here. It is very common for people to paste the v=XXX .

(e.g.) If the copied URL is 4d5e9d06581ed864047c?v=a66e42ea25a2476089fc574c72a246cb , the PAGE ID will be a2f9332ec0f94d5e9d06581ed864047c.

4. Set to Fast Notion

Turn Notion API Mode ON and enter the information obtained in steps 1-3 into Fast Notion. Note that Legacy Mode (described below) when turned OFF is currently deprecated.

Fast Notion settings screen

Legacy mode (deprecated)

The method using Token v2 (Legacy mode) has been deprecated. Please use the Notion API mode.

1. Open Notion in a web browser and launch the Developer Tool.

For Mac, it can be opened with Option + Command + I
For Window, it can be opened with F12 or Ctrl + Shift + I .

2. Copy of token_v2

Find Application Tab > Storage > Cookies > token_v2 , and copy Value .

3. Paste it into the application

Paste your URL into the Fast Notion app via Slack, SNS, etc. This completes the setup👍 If Notion API Mode is turned off, this token is used. *Tokens are important information that identifies you personally. Please be careful not to divulge this information to third parties.